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iCARE HEALTH is proud to pioneer a true grassroots movement in the overly-complicated health care landscape. iCARE HEALTH is a platform where you create your personal health care team. We help you take control of everything from having your medical records at your fingertips to managing your daily medications. iCARE creates a new level of communication between medical professionals, patients and their caregivers. For the first time in medical history iCARE HEALTH gives the patient the power to control their healthcare.

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Have you ever …

Have you ever found yourself in a panic rushing to the ER only to be met with hours of nervous waiting while the doctors run duplicate tests simply because they lack access to your complete medical record?

Have you ever changed your doctor or visited a new specialist and were required to start over rebuilding your medical profile because you had no access to your medical history?

Have you ever tried to manage a family member’s medication remotely or not had a full list of prescriptions, dosage information, or the proper medication schedule?

Have you ever tried to sign up a child at a new school or sport and realized how inconvenient it is to go back to your pediatrician for immunization records and physicals?

Have you ever been traveling across the country or abroad and needed access to your doctor or medical records?

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The Facts About Today’s Health Care Landscape


People in the United States Without Control of their Medical Records


Deaths Caused by Medical Mistakes Attributed to Missing Medical Records (80,000 people annually)


People with Chronic Conditions Lacking Medical Records Access


Misuse of Medications Costs One Trillion Dollars a Year In the United States

Our iCARE Platform

Our iCARE HEALTH platform is made up of tools that we call CARE-bits. The primary function of the iCARE HEALTH platform is to improve and enhance the level of communication between medical professionals, patients, and their caregivers. We do this through the use of the following CARE-bit tools:



Invite your caregiver to join your path to better health. A caregiver is someone who provides direct care for a child, elderly adult, or a chronically ill person. This caregiver can be a family member, friend or paid professional who can assist in the daily management of a patient’s well being. iCARE HEALTH’s platform provides the ability to involve a patient’s caregiver in communication about their health. This allows you to send images, written and audio notes to your designated caregiver to keep them in the loop.



The Doctor CARE-bit gives patients the ability to connect with their medical provider beyond the clinic walls. Whether you are at home or across the globe, your physician is never far out of reach. Send and receive images, written and audio notes to your doctor to get pertinent medical instruction when needed most. With the ability to alert both your doctor and caregiver in a time of crisis, your care can be both quick and optimal.



Each year in the United States, millions of dollars are spent on emergency medical services due to missed or incorrect doses of medication. For a patient with severe medical conditions, a missed dosage can instantly turn into a life threatening situation. With our CARE-bit tool for Medication, keeping up with your regular dosage has never been this simple. Manage your prescriptions, set dosage reminders, capture and organize images of your medications all in one place.



Do you have concerns about an irritation, rash, burn, abnormal growth, discoloration or swelling? The Medcam CARE-bit enables you to snap, store and share medical related pictures taken on your phone. Send a picture from your secure Medcam to a caregiver or doctor for medical advice.



Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice and seldomly occur with warning. As a patient it can be a scary and confusing event. With iCARE HEALTH’s Emergency CARE-bit, a patient can notify their physician and caregiver of their acute symptoms while determining whether to go to the hospital or an urgent care facility.



The History CARE-bit compiles all of your messages, notes, and medcam images in one convenient tool. Quickly reference your information sorted by dates and times.

Audio Notes

Audio Notes

Never miss an important moment during clinic visits with iCARE HEALTH’s Audio Notes CARE-bit. Record, share, and reference every detail of your medical visit to help you better manage your care at home.



Access your personal health records anytime, anywhere. Keep digital files of all your health information stored in one safe and secure cloud-based network. Patients can reference any record at a moment’s notice in times of emergency or routine care. Records can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices. Whether you are on the go or close to home your important health data is always with you. All data is SSL-secured with 2048-bit encryption, and is compliant with all federal HIPAA regulations.


iCARE Concierge Service (Coming 2017)

We are working with practitioners to enable iCARE Concierge Service in 2017.

The iCARE Concierge Service will provide 24/7 access for iCARE members to health professionals as part of the iCARE family service offerings.

This concierge service will be included in the iCARE platform free of charge to our members.


Medical Crisis Notification (Coming 2017)

We are expanding our Emergency CARE-bit to include Medical Crisis Notification Service. (Coming 2017)

The Medical Crisis Notification allows family members to notify their iCARE network with a simple push of a button .

Examples of the emergency notification:

  • An elderly parent falling in their home
  • A young boy getting hit in the head by a ball on the baseball field
  • A family member needing to go to an emergency medical facility while traveling


Your Team

Whether you are a patient, caregiver or physician, the iCARE HEALTH platform allows you to play a pivotal role in personal health management while also connecting you with those who matter the most.

From accessing personal health records to instantly sharing information between your health care providers, family or caregivers, iCARE HEALTH brings advanced health connectivity right into the palms of your hands.


Access your personal health records anytime anywhere, connect with your physician remotely and share your medical information when necessary. Create your personal network for support.

Learn more about iCARE HEALTH for the Patient


Get instant notifications about your family’s urgent health events. Help your loved ones manage their daily health needs. Be the ultimate support for your family and loved ones.

Learn more about iCARE HEALTH for the Caregiver


Communicate with your patients beyond the clinic walls. Increase efficiency without compromising the patient experience. Reduce readmission rates with remote consultations. Develop a continuum of care between health partners.

Learn more about iCARE HEALTH for the Doctor

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iCARE HEALTH Platform Supports:

  • Family of 4 (other members can be added at any time)
  • 24/7  Access
  • Never be without your family’s medical records again
  • Receive / Send Emergency Alerts to your iCARE HEALTH family network 24/7
  • Medication Management at your fingertips for you and your family
  • Instant access to communicate with your iCARE family network (Patient, Caregiver, & Doctor)
  • Never miss a detail with your comprehensive iCARE HEALTH history where you can capture notes, images, and audio conversations into your personal health record.
  • Access to 24/7 iCARE HEALTH’s Medical Concierge Service (premiering 2017)

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  • Average co-pay for one doctor visit is $30.
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  • Average cost for a family of four to dine at McDonald’s is $34.
  • Average monthly cost of an insurance policy for your pet is $29.
  • The cost to protect your family is only 65 cents per day with iCARE!  That’s only $19.95 a month.

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iCARE HEALTH respects your privacy and keeps all registrations securely protected. All fields are required

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About Us

Who We Are

Sharing information across organizations in the health care system has been viewed as a challenge for decades, not only in the United States, but also throughout the entire Western world. It has therefore become the responsibility of the patient to remember all the details when the practitioner asks. A typical question is: When were you last vaccinated? In many cases the answer is uncertain.

We have developed the mobile application named iCARE HEALTH that focuses on communication between the patient and his or her health care system. The purpose of the application is to share information between the patient and the contacts that the patient has in his or her health care system.

Today, there are several systems that help the health care community handle information about the patient, but there is no system that involves active participation from the patient. Patients rely on interviews with care providers and simple mobile communication. It is rare that the patient receives feedback, medical records or any information which he or she can share with others involved in healthcare decisions. The patient’s lack of timely and complete information inhibits the ability of the patient to be proactive in managing their healthcare.

We believe that iCARE HEALTH will revolutionize how we proactively manage our family’s health care today and in the future. The information gap between the patient and the health care system will diminish as the patient for the first time can share information with whoever is involved in the patient’s care. There are four aspects of healthcare that must be met to close this healthcare loop between Patient, Doctor and Caregiver:

1) Ownership-The patient now has ownership of all communication and the patient may share information with the resources that he or she wishes.

2) Engagement – The Primary Physician must be engaged with pertinent communication between the health system, the patient and the caregivers.

3) Communication – The communication concerning examinations by specialists, therapists, hospitals, etc. is critical for the overall managed care to succeed.

4) Crisis Management – There must be communication in an emergency room, 911 or any other situation where it is vital to have access to the patient’s medical records. All of this must be done with the highest level of security available in the world today protecting the patient’s data.

If these four components in today’s managed healthcare system are addressed it does not matter where in the world the patient is; the patient will receive the best possible treatment. And, iCARE HEALTH might save the patient’s life!


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